Montag, 22. September 2014

Heaven and Hell

I feel heaven
I am hell
I am the lost one
the cold and soulless one
cause I  know it better
but can´t change it at last

I will fall down
I will scream out
this hate
and endless pain

I can´t find it
this feeling is for real
and I can´t hide it
I´m scared for what is haunting me

Nightmares call me
and I am searching you
but all I can see
is this dark and cold endlessness

But how can I love you
when inside it is cold?
My soul is like frozen
my skin is so cold
my heart burns like fire
but inside I turn to stone
How can I find you
when I am only lost?

I am the lost one
the scared one
I should know it better
but all I can do is loose

I should know
I should go
but all I see
is scaring me
and make me believe
that there´s no help for me.

We feel heaven
We are hell
We are the lost ones
the cold and soulless ones
cause we know it better
but can´t change it at last

Freitag, 5. September 2014