Donnerstag, 24. November 2016

[Something To Think About] Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanskgiving is not a holiday in Germany, but I wish it would be. Not because of the turkey. Or the free day of work. But because of the idea of a specific day to say or think about the things you´re thankful for. We think much too less about the things we have and think much too often about the things we don´t have. 
So maybe we should take a moment to think about everything we´re thankful for. 

So here they are: The things I´m grateful for. In no specific order! 

I´m thankful for:

  • My parents who are always there for me. I love you both so much!
  • Time. We always think we don´t have enough of it, but we can make the time we have significant. Because we have to take the time we need. 
  • All those fighting for gender equality, womens right, education, marriage equality, LGBT rights and against racism, sexism, violence etc. 
  • Music. What would I do, if I couldn´t pump up the volume and sing as loud as I can to let go all the feelings hiding inside of me?
  • My little brother. Sometimes you annoy me as hell, but I know you are always there. And so am I. I love you! 
  • Laughter. Mostly there are sad or bored or tired faces in the suburban train around me. But sometimes there are people smiling or laughing. And this makes me happy. We should laugh at least once a day. Seems to be a wee bit, but if we think about it - when was the last time you laughed really loud about something? So much you were crying? 
  • My boyfriend. We´ve gone through some rough times and I know it wasn´t easy to be with me. But you still are and I´m grateful.
  • Charities like Lumos, WellChild, Anti-BullyingPro and so many more! The world´s a better place because of you!
  • Holidays and Vacation. Because it is great to have some free time to celebrate or just take time for yourself. 
  • My courage. It takes a lot of courage to stand up to yourself. And I do this every day. 
  • Sunsets. At the sea they are the most beautiful thing ever! But as well without sea they are simply breathtaking. Seeing the sun go down while knowing she will be there the next morning... incredible! 
  • Bow ties. Because bow ties are cool! 
  • My therapist group. All those lovely girls and boys helping each other. What would I do without you? I simply don´t know...
  • Education. Sadly there are so many girls and boys out there who don´t have the opportunity to get an education. I had and still have. 
  • My mind and imagination. My stupid, confusing, annyoing but as well incredible brain which can create whole new worlds and can´t stop thinking and remembers all those useless things. My endless imagination. It would be boring without you. 
  • Freedom. Because freedom is not something to be taken for granted. There are so many people who don´t have any freedom. 
  • Books. All those wonderful, inspirational books out there! Too many to read them all but I do my very best! I don´t know how my life would look like if I hadn´t the opportunity to escape the reality and see different worlds, because sometimes this is all which rescues me from the cold world outside and inside of me. 
  • My friends. There are not many left but some. You are the best. 
  • Cookies. We all need a cookie from time to time. 
  • Sunshine. The warm feel on your skin. Everything is better when the sun is shining. 
  • Pancakes. Because pancakes are the best food ever! 
  • My bed. Because it is warm and really cozy. Sometimes too cozy. 
  • Tears. Just letting go all the feels. Let it out. I would explode without my tears. 
  • Memories. We wouldn´t be ourselves if we would forget everything we´ve been through. Everything good and bad. 
  • Resting. Sometimes you need to rest to move on. 
  • The Night. I´m a children of the night. An owl. A nightlover. I think there´s nothing more beautiful than a night with stars and the moon and the silence around. 
  • My blog. Where I can post whatever I like to. I can pour out my heart and you´re listening. Thanks. 
  • New adventures. It don´t matter if it´s climbing up the highest mountain or asking a nice girl to go out. As long as you always take new chances and try something new. So many adventures left and wait for you! 
  • Dancing and teaching. Because dancing makes me feel better and teaching gives me a feeling of self-esteem.
  • Baby cats. Because they are the cutest animals on earth. I want to have one! Please??!
  • Hamsters. Because they are as well the cutest animals on earth. If I can´t have a baby cat, maybe I can have a baby hamster? 
  • My studies. I had the courage to say no to something I don´t like. I try something new. Made a new start. And I´m happy with it. 
  • Love. If I look around I have the feeling, that it gets colder. Not the weather but the society. So many hate and frustration. Maybe this is a good moment to appreciate all the love around. 
  • My dreams. Although they are mostly completly bullshit. But as well fascinating, scaring, funny...
  • My home. It´s cold and small and not a bit luxurious, but it´s home. 
  • Art. The world would be a dark place without art.
  • Warm socks. I would die without you. 
  • The people who aren´t like Trump. I´m thankful for everyone who isn´t racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, violent, xenophobic...
  • TV-Shows. They can make me forget my own life for a while. 
  • Weekends. Because weekends are great. 
  • Rainbows. Some of the most beautiful things in our nature. The beauty of rain and sun combined. 
  • Nutella. My breakfast would be not even half as good without. 
  • And finally: I am happy to be alive. And this is really important. Because there were many days I weren´t and there are still days I wish it would be over. But I´m really trying to be thankful for life and I work on it day by day. So yes, I am happy to be alive. 
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! 

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